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John Burr

Media Creator

It's an absolute pleasure working alongside the Two Penny crew. Everyone has certain strengths that seem to come together in beautiful symmetry. What drew me to working with them was their dedication and love for filmmaking; they know how to implement storytelling in their projects. I feed off of their passion to be the best filmmaker I can be.

My Story

A graduate from the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Media Arts, John has been working with Two Penny Productions since 2012 on a wide variety of projects. While he is most comfortable behind the camera, John excels at all aspects of filmmaking. 


John is a true creative who seeks to understand the people he works with and foster an environment that leads to the best product possible. It’s not about just getting it done or making it work, to him, it’s about sharing his passion through the films we produce.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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